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Thick penis: What works and what doesn’t?

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Men’s secret wish is a big and thick penis. This desire brings them to problems in personal life, gives depression and nervous breakdown. Below is what works and what does not to have a thick penis.

Is it such a severe problem? The scientists say that the men fundamentally misunderstand the issue. To an extent due to the influence of advertisement industry and mainstream porn. Many men start to think that the bigger penis means more pleasure for their partner.

Before thinking about penis enlargement or increasing girth, it is vital to know what size is normal? Let’s find out.

What is the thick penis average?

According to the British Journal of Urology International, the average length of the hard penis is 13.11 cm whereas soft penis is 9.17 cm. Regarding the girth, it makes 11.91 cm for hard penis and 9.32 cm for flaccid one.

Besides, the size can vary from country to country. Thus, the countries with the largest average penis size are in Africa.

In Europe, the men with the largest penises live in Belgium and France. The USA is 20 positions below. South Korea is the country with the smallest average size of penises.

How thick penis size affects a woman’s pleasure during sex

Does the size matter? According to the scientific findings, it matters more for men than women. If a man finds out that his body part is below the average size, he begins to worry.

Besides, we have to consider small penis syndrome when men are very anxious about their penis size.

The ladies concentrate more on a man’s appearance and his personality. Thick penis size is not a priority when a woman wants to build a stable and good relationship.

But still, the study presented in 2015 showed that women desire a penis size that is slightly above average. Also, researchers think that lots depend on whether a woman is seeking short-term or long-term relationship. The findings show that women want to have men with thicker penises for a one-night date.

Moreover, according to the Russel Eisenman’s research published in the BMC Women’s Health female have certain perceptions of sexual satisfaction. In all cases, women could well define their preferences. A vast majority of women, 45 of 50, reported width one of the vital factors in sexual satisfaction.

One more interesting point concerns the evolutionary reasons for the increased thickness. The study found that both male and female sexual organs have increased in size. Thus, many women may prefer bigger girth, something that is a better fit for their vagina. From this point of view, women subconsciously consider men with thick penis sexually attractive.

This brings to the serious issue that many men need to increase their penis size.

Ways to improve thick penis size

Fortunately, these days, men have a choice, and there are many ways to make the penis thicker. The man is free to choose any of the methods according to his preferences and expectations.

We will look through the most popular ones. They are the following:

Penis pump

A penis pump is one of the most popular options to improve thick penis size and to maintain sufficient erection enough to have sex. How does it work?

A device consists of a plastic tube. It fits over the penis. There is a band to fit around the base of the penis. A penis pump can be hand operated or battery powered.

Using a penis pump is quite easy and requires a few simple steps. Firstly, you place the plastic tube over the penis. Create the vacuum inside the tube using the pump. It provides the blood flow into the penis. Using a rubber band around the base of the penis will help to maintain erection and make it thicker.

Penis extender

A penis extender is another effective method designed to help improve thick penis size. It shares some similarities with pumps.

It mechanically stretches your penis. Since the penis is made mostly of muscles and spongy tissues, prolonged stretching with the help of extender can help increase the length and the girth.

However, before buying an extender, you must do your research and purchase something that is safe and convenient to use (as they have straps, fasteners, and so on). Extenders only help when used for prolonged intervals like five to six hours a day.

Surgical intervention

The most effective method guaranteed to work in almost all cases is surgical intervention.

It is a plastic surgery procedure and results are fast and long-lasting. However, as with any surgical procedures, it has its downsides like being an expensive method, not wholly natural, and risk of adverse events.

Many people would not like to put their most important part of the body under the knife. Though the risk is small, even that may not be acceptable to most.


There are hundreds of pills and supplements promising to increase thick penis size or girth of the penis. However, most of them do not work at all. There is no proven herb or supplement which can help in all the cases, though some men may see or feel the difference.

Some of the supplements may visibly improve the girth. However, such effects are generally short-lived and last only as long as one is using the supplement.

They make the penis look thicker by enhancing the blood flow, erection quality, and to an extent improving the self-confidence. They may also help a bit by improving the libido and quality of sexual intercourse.

Though there are numerous ways to improve the girth or thickness of the penis, in practice, very few men get any results. Reason for failure is lack of patience. Most of the natural methods require time to show visible results. Thus, if you want to make your penis thicker, remember that persistence is the key.



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