Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: The Guide

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The lack of testosterone naturally is known as hypogonadism. This condition is reversible through medical procedures. One of the most common is testosterone replacement therapy. We are going to find out everything you need to know.

The Cost

It is nearly impossible for your body to have testosterone replacement therapy. The clinical procedure depends on the diagnosis of the doctor.

The cost of having therapy is an expensive affair. It usually comprises the laboratory tests, the recovery plan, and the medicinal values according to your specific results.

Despite all the above, the cost of testosterone replacement therapy revolves around four significant things. These are your location, the type of prescribed medication, the method of use, and the availability of any generic substitutes.

Dosage of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In general, the common injectable quantity ranges from 100mg/ml to 250mg/ml. Though this is the common practice, talk to your doctor for the best therapy for you.

In case you prefer taking pills, then the dosage takes another form. You will have to invest between 50 and 400 mg of testosterone tablets every four weeks. This dosage depends on the level of testosterone replacement therapy levels that you require.

These are replacement therapy pills that naturally work for more extended periods in the body system. Because of its effectiveness, the dosage is usually 150mg to 450mg in every 3 to 6 months.

Side Effects

The list of side effects is long. This list does not indicate that the therapy is failing. It is because different people react differently in different situations.

The side effects of testosterone replacement therapy include chest pain, low sperm count, enlarged prostate, and acne. In extreme cases, you can suffer prolonged erection, aggressive behaviour, hypertension, lack of sleep, and liver malfunction.

Results of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As much as the therapy will treat the deficiency of the hormone, it is not a chance to be young again. Yes, it will restore your testosterone levels, but it will not address all your problems.

Scientific research has not proven any conclusive evidence of the testosterone replacement therapy restoring a person to the older self. For instance, you will gain back your urge for sex and reproduction. But if you have a history of not maintaining an erection, then a psychologist will have to address the issue.

Again, you will gain back your masculine levels of energy, but will not reverse the ageing process. Some ageing diseases like gradual loss of memory and prostate cancer will still set in. So bear in mind that the therapy is not a rejuvenation of your youth.


Ideally, almost all men recorded a healthy heart and better levels of blood circulation. The bone marrow showed a significant increase in the production of red blood cells for a healthier heart.

A higher number of men regained their body muscles back. As expected, you have to work out your muscles to have the anticipated body strength.

Testosterone replacement therapy increased the mental capabilities of men. With regular intake, you will regain the full control of your psychic abilities.

With improved levels of testosterone, you will have fewer mood swings and hot flashes. This improvement will increase your sexual drive and libido. In the end, you will have fewer risks to develop depression and heart attacks.


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