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Penis weights: Do They Work?

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Every man, at least once in a life, has doubted his masculinity by thinking that perhaps his penis is not big enough. Even those who have an average-sized penis are always in doubt. Penis weights are what you can look into for improving thick penis size.

The North American standard penis size is around 5 inches. Yes, that is what population-based studies show, and the number is not significant.

Let’s check yours. What figure have you got? Is it time to worry? If so, we will study one of the most useful devices to stretch the penis – penis weights. They work, they are safe, and are easy to use too.

What is penis weights and how it works?

Penis weights or penis hanging system is a penis enlargement device that consists of weights hanged from the male organ. The mechanism is to facilitate stretching and make the penis bigger.

The weights, in fact, create tension that causes micro-tears of the penile tissues. Thus consequent repair of these micro-tears will result in growth, an increase in the number of cells. It is the same principle that underlies the resistance training for bodybuilding.

It is true that the idea is not wholly new. Several ancient texts in various cultures have mentioned using similar techniques to elongate the penis. Thus, the ancient tribes used rocks as penis weights.

To obtain better results, you should wear the weights every day. There is some evidence that penis weights can add about half an inch to the male organ if you wear it for one month.

Note that you should not mix penis weights with a penis extender. They both stretch your member, but the difference is in the amount of tension. Penis extender applies a low amount of tension, but it is for long-term use. Whereas penis weights exert a more significant pressure and because of it, you should wear them for a relatively short period.

Is it safe?

Anyone considering using penis weights is interested in the safety of such a method. This method is among the safest of ways. But, of course, if you use the weights properly and follow the instructions.

To avoid unpleasant moments, remember, first of all, the penis enlargement is a long and slow process. Do not try to make it faster as your penis does not deserve suffering. Patience is vital. It is the main ingredient while attempting to make your penis bigger.

Also, it is crucial to increase penis weights gradually – from the lowest one. Then slowly adjust the pressure. If you feel pain, it means that there is a need to reduce weight.

Do not be afraid if your penis feels exhausted after your first set. But listen to your body attentively. It should be fatigue but not injury. Do not overstretch.

Benefits of penis weights

Despite a few worries, penis weights have several advantages that make it an effective mechanism to make your penis bigger. They are the following:

  • The penis hanging system allows you to achieve the length you want.
  • The user controls the process as he can choose the weight, the time and duration of the procedure.
  • Your hands are free. In comparison with traditional stretching exercises, you are not involved in any hands operation. You just hang the weights and can do your things.
  • Penis weights are to increase the penis in length and girth because new cells grow against the whole body of the penis.
  • The device has no side effects if used properly.

If you want to make your male organ bigger, penis weights are an excellent option in comparison with other methods. However, use only high-quality equipment, follow the instruction as required, and the result will follow.

Tips for comfortable use

To make the usage of the penis weights more comfortable, and to obtain the desired result, follow these basic tips. They concern time and length under tension.

Usually, 15 minutes session is enough to start with. You can wear the device longer but take a 5-minute break. It will allow the blood to return to the penis shaft and prevent unpleasant feelings.

The length under tension is a bit different category as it means total training time for your penis. The duration depends on the number of sessions you have a day.

On average it is 1 hour a day that makes 30 hours per month. It is considered a safe duration of the training, and this regimen will bring the best results.

Yes, remember about the balance between time and duration under pressure. Do not torture your male organ in the greed of getting fast results.



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