Natural Penis Enlargement

Natural Penis Enlargement – A Definitive Guide

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If you wish to naturally increase the size of your penis, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Here is your definitive guide for natural penis enlargement.

More men worry about the size of their penises nowadays. They often incorrectly believe their manhood to be below par in the size department. In truth, statistically speaking, most men are perfectly average-sized downstairs, with some even being slightly above average.

Despite this, natural penis enlargement ways are still highly sought-after, which is what we’re going to be looking at today.

Lose weight as the best natural penis enlargement

Okay, this first natural penis enlargement way sounds a little condescending.

Whilst losing weight won’t make your penis larger, it will create the illusion of it being larger than it once was. This is because losing weight means that there’s less flesh covering the penis which can hide portions of it. Subsequently, it will result in it looking smaller than it really is.

If you lose weight, there will be less fat/skin coating the base of the penis. So your manhood will indeed appear to have grown in size.

The best way to lose weight is through a combination of exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Penis pump

A penis pump, sometimes called a penis vacuum, is a device which helps temporarily increase the size of the penis.  when erect, it helps a man maintain an erection for a longer duration of time.

As a natural penis enlargement device, it requires a man to place a tube over the penis. Then it will help him to pump out the air to create a vacuum seal.

This vacuum then works by drawing oxygenated blood to the erectile tissue and the penis in general.  Then it causes it to expand and swell in size.

Penis pumps are often used as a short-term treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, you should not wear the band for longer than 30-minutes as this could result in damage to the penis.

Jelqing also as natural penis enlargement

Jelqing is a form of natural penis enlargement and grew hugely popular a decade ago. The technique does, in fact, work to a certain degree works. It may help marginally increase the size of a penis’ length and its girth.

Pulling and stretching the penis means that erectile tissue within the penis increases in blood absorbing capacity. The more blood the erectile tissue can absorb, the harder the penis becomes when erect. The harder it is, the larger it is.

Penis length surgery

If it is natural penis enlargement that you seek, then penis length surgery is very much an option. However, surgery of any kind when it comes to boosting penis size is only a last resort. It is an extreme surgical procedure that involves the ligament attaching the penis to the pubic bone is cut away.

Now, at the base of the penis, you will have your skin graft performed to compensate for this increase in length. On average, penis length surgery will give a man roughly 2cm extra in length when flaccid. When erect, you have your penis’s size generally unchanged.

Ordinarily, an erect penis will point upwards but as the ligament has been cut away, it will instead point downwards.

Penis girth surgery

Another natural penis enlargement technique is penis girth surgery. Like before, this procedure is extreme. It involves fat being taken from other parts of the body and being injected into the penis to cause it to swell up and expand in size.

This can considerably increase the girth of the penis, with some results yielding gains of as much as 4cm. However, there are complications. Many men receiving this procedure find that they have a lot of lumps and bumps in the penis from the fat deposits.



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