Increase sex drive in male

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Most men want sex all the time, but not all the men. In fact, one-fifth of men suffer from low sex drive.

When we talk about sexual drive, first and foremost we must know that optimal sexual drive is poorly defined and understood phenomenon. There is substantial individual variance among men.

Thus there is no hard and fast rule here. For one man three times a day sex may be normal, for the other three times a week. However, research shows that at least one-third of female partners expect to have more sex than their male partners.

Men feel embarrassed when they are not able to meet the sexual desires of their partner. There are tens of reasons for low sex drive. Thus no one solution will work for all men.

Therefore one must first start by identifying the causes of low sex drive. Research also shows that most men underestimate their sexual capabilities. Before we learn how to increase sex drive in male, we need to know some of the common reasons for low sex drive: Psychological problems- chronic stress, anxiety, depression, family problems, workload, mental health problems, may all reduce the sex drive.

Medical issues- disease may directly or indirectly affect libido. Diabetes is commonly associated with low sex drive. Similarly, high cholesterol and blood pressure may worsen the sex drive. Moreover, medications taken to treat medical conditions may also suppress sexual desire.

Hormonal issues- it is not merely about low testosterone levels. The deficit of certain neural hormones like low levels of dopamine in the brain may also affect the sexual desire. Thus doctors have noted that men living with Parkinson’s have low libido.

Thus the way to increase sex drive in a male would depend on the cause. Nonetheless, it must be understood the good sex life is directly related to physical well-being. Men who have more sex, and better sex, can expect to live a longer and healthier life than those who do not.

Here are some natural ways to increase sex drive in males:

Have more fruits

No single food would do magic. Nonetheless, research shows that having fruits more often improve general health and libido.

Some fruits are better at increasing sexual drive than others for men. Have more figs, bananas, avocados may help. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients. Thus, in the long run, they promote increased blood flow to genitals.

Eat more chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in particular compounds that help increase levels of serotonin and phenylethylamine, which in turn results in a better mood. Chocolate has always been associated with romanticism and sexual pleasures.

Some researchers suggest that the association between chocolate and an increase in sex drive is psychological rather than biological. Whatever be the mechanism, what we know is that chocolate helps.

Clearly chocolate is highly recommended to increase sex drive in male.

Take a trip to China

Horny goat weed, which is commonly found in China is known to promote the sexual drive. It is said that it got its name “horny goat weed” when some shepherd noticed that goats got horny after eating this weed while grazing.

Nowadays, it is available in high-quality supplements with additional beneficial nutrients to increase sex drive.

Include more herbs in the diet

Try adding more of garlic, ginger, chili pepper to your food. All these herbs are filled with compounds known to boost metabolism, help correct metabolic disorder, improve hormonal balance. They also stimulate various senses. They may even help in erectile dysfunction.

Get physically active

Men in better shape are more confident and have a higher probability of making love more often.

On the other hand, visceral fat is the enemy of sex drive. Therefore, get physically fit by doing cardio, high-intensity workout, and resistance training. These all are different kind of exercises with various benefits.

Cardio is a good stress buster and helps to strengthen lungs, heart, and joints. Resistance training, on the other hand, is about strengthening various muscles and get better looks too. High intensive training is known to be associated with post-workout metabolic stimulation – meaning it helps to burn fat even several hours after the workout.

Have wine but limit alcohol intake

If a glass of wine is good for mood and sexual performance for both the genders, opposite is true for excessive alcohol.

Men who drink too often and too much often suffer from various sexual disorders. Erectile dysfunction is common in men who abuse alcohol.

Practice mindfulness

Chronic stress is the number one cause of sexual issues. Nevertheless, many men fail to realize that.

Practicing mindfulness or meditation even a few minutes a day may help in the vast majority of cases. Sometimes the solution to the problem is more straightforward than many think.

Other ways to relieve stress is by participating in tai chi, do yoga, and other sports activities. As for men sex, itself is an excellent stress reliever thus lack of sex drive may result in accumulation of stress.

Sleep well and sleep more

Statistics show that most people are not getting enough of sleep, lack of sleep is now known to be the underlying cause of various ailments, including the reduced sexual drive.
Nowadays, not only men sleep less they also have a more inferior quality of sleep. For improving sleep quality change the environment in the bedroom, better thermal conditions, remove sources of sound and light pollution. Even eliminating television may help in some instances.

Keep relationship healthy

One cannot have a satisfactory sexual life without an emotionally healthy relationship with a partner; women are especially more sensitive to these things. Therefore, improve communication with a partner, compliment more often, spend more time with your partner, all this would finally translate into a higher sexual drive.

Consult a doctor

Lack of sex drive may sometime be an indicator of graver health issues. Or in some cases, medications may be the only way to increase sex drive. Thus consult your doctor, get a medical checkup.

There are many more ways to increase sex drive in males; it is a good idea to try different approaches. No one knows in advance what may work and what not. Thus one can learn lots by trial and error. Important is to keep learning, experimenting, and trying.


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