How to Stay Erect for Hours

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In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many men are suffering from premature ejaculation and a relatively short erection condition. There are biological and psychological factors that can play a role in creating this condition. Many men also turn to various products in order to boost their bedroom performances. However, the reality is that there are other more natural ways for men who curious about how to stay erect for hours. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to tackle this complex challenge. And now we have some of the ways on how to stay erect for hours.

Reduce the Stress is one way to answer the question how to stay erect for hours

The first notable issue that many men tend to underestimate is the stress. It is well documented that stress can have a negative impact on the overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the sexual health is not an exception. Having a stressed lifestyle can raise the cortisol levels in your body. This, in turn, can make your sex drive significantly lower. That is why it is imperative to remove the stressing elements from your daily life. Eliminating the stress and adopting a more relaxed lifestyle will result in a better sexual performance and a longer erection. Therefore, staying away from stress is one way to how to stay erect for hours.


Postpone the Ejaculation

The second notable element that makes this list is closely related with the sexual experience. For almost every men, the ejaculation is maybe the most exciting moment of the sexual experience. However, it is important to underline that many males make the ultimate mistake in trying to ejaculate as fast as possible. And while the reasons can be different, the end result is always closely related with a weak penis and relatively short erection.

The general recommendation is to postpone the ejaculation a few times during the sexual intercourse. This can lead to an increased endurance and will strengthen the penis in the long term. The end result of having a stronger penis is a prolonged erection that can last for hours. Moreover, the strengthening of the penis will inevitably lead to long-lasting erections several times during the day.

Natural Herbs and Alternative Medicine

The alternative medicine offers various different elements that can help to increase the erection levels. There are numerous ingredients that can be a good source for improved sex drive. However, there are two herbs that will make our list. The first notable element is the Korean red ginseng. This unique herb can boost penis potency thus resulting with a prolonged erection. Moreover, there are several testosterone booster supplements that contain red ginseng these days. These products are natural alternatives to Viagra and do not have any side effects.


Moreover, it is a great alternative for improved erections.

The second notable herb is the so-called horny goat weed. This unique herb contains several elements such as epimedium that have the ability to stimulate the testosterone level. Moreover, it can increase the testosterone levels which in turn can create a prolonged erection and sexual drive. These two extracts can improve all domains of the sexual health. The Korean ginseng and the horny goat weed are widely used as an alternative to conventional therapy to improve sexual life in men.

Also, it is important to mention that the alternative medicine can offer a broad spectrum of other herbs and therapy methods. Moreover, this area is constantly developing new innovations. That is why it is imperative to explore the possibilities of the alternative medicine in order to tackle this issue.

Healthy Lifestyle

Although this is last on our list, the way of life can play a significant role in the sexual ability of men. Also, it is well documented that the main problem that many men tend to underestimate is their lifestyle choices. Maybe this sounds weird, but the relation between the lifestyle and erection is quite simple. In order for the penis to maintain a prolonged erection, the blood flow and circulation are crucial. It is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to enable proper circulation and blood flow.


Furthermore, your body needs to generate the right amount of testosterone. Certain habits such as smoking and drinking can actually hurt the blood circulation which in turn can lead to a short erection. That is why a healthy lifestyle can lead to improved erection and better sex drive.

Be Active

Another important element that can improve and prolong the erection is being active. To be more specific, it is recommended to take part in some form of physical fitness or aerobic activities. Various research studies have shown that exercising can optimize the testosterone levels and increase the sexual drive.

For example, taking part in fitness activities can result in an improved erection achievement and sustainability. This is based on the fact that through exercise, the testosterone levels are increased. Combined with that, the estrogens negative side effects are contained and the body fat is significantly decreased. Tacking these two issues will inevitably result with an improved and prolonged erection.


Another advice is to increase the number of exercises. The additional workout will boost his testosterone levels and make you hornier which will help in to maintain the erection.

Furthermore, staying active can improve the mental health and reduce stress. As we have mentioned earlier, reducing the stress levels can increase the sexual drive. Activities such as bodybuilding, fitness, soccer, basketball and other sports can help in to tackle the issue of stress.

All in all, the process of getting and maintaining an erection can be a quite complex process for many men. The reality is that this problem is very common and many males do not know how to solve this complex issue. However, the recent innovations combined with some alternative medicine and a healthy lifestyle can be the answer to this challenge. By following these steps, the prospect of having an erection that will last for hours can become a reality.




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