How to keep going after coming

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Everyman dreams to give his girl the ride of a lifetime, and keep going after coming for hours together without using any intoxicant, with the help of natural methods.

Most men would like to see their battery recharged faster for a second round so that to continue having sex multiple times. Some men are blessed with such capabilities. However, most are not. Fortunately, with some tips and tricks, many men can learn how to keep going after coming.

Refractory period among men vary greatly, so one must not compare himself with other men. Some may have a refractory period of few minutes, while for others it may last for hours.

Moreover, age and experience play an important role in the duration of sex. Nonetheless, many men dream of being like a porn star, prolonged sex and quick recovery for multiple acts.

Here is how to keep going after coming.

Practice makes the men perfect

Performance anxiety, sexual tension is the number one enemy of performance. Thus focus more on her than on your problems, it would often help in faster recovery. Further, remember that men with prolonged sex and short recovery time have more experience than others. Thus having sex more often may also help.

With practice, one can also learn the strategies to prolong the pleasure even without penetration. Time is a relative thing if man focuses more on the desires of a partner than it is quite probable that his bed partner would not feel how the time has passed.

Instead of thinking about your orgasm or sexual performance, focus on giving more pleasure to your partner. It would help your mind to relax; it would give your body time to recover. Moreover, women love foreplay; they expect much more than mere penetrative sex. Therefore, use those intervals to enrich your sexual life by learning other techniques and strategies to give her pleasure.

Sexual therapists also recommend not to take the refractory period as something necessary. Change in attitude may reduce the refractory period. One can also practice cutting refractory time by ejaculating as many times as possible in a day, however, do not forget to supplement with proteins and zinc to avoid feeling drained.

Get physically fit

Physical health and sexual performance are inter-related. It means that those who are physically active would have a shorter refractory period. Cardio exercises are one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and improve endurance. Regular exercise also strengthens the dopaminergic pathways in the brain thus improving sexual performance.

Another way to improve sexual performance and shorten refractory period is to strengthen pelvic muscles, and Kegel exercises are specifically designed for that. These exercises help improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles and thus improving erection quality, they help retain erection, and have another orgasm faster.


Get physically fit

Persistence is the key to getting maximum benefit from Kegel exercises and cardio. Do cardio five times a week for at least 30 minutes a day. In Kegel exercises try to contract pelvic muscles in a way you do to control urine flow and repeat it several times a day. Doing Kegel exercises is one of the ways how to keep going after coming.

Change position and place of making love

Experiment by having sex at various locations in your house or flat, not just in the bed. Try making love while having a shower, in the kitchen, or on the sofa. For some people, changing the place of sex works like magic.

Another thing that has lots to do with sexual experience is sex-position. It does not only mean that you should have different sex position each time but even changing to different positions during the same sexual session would help to prolong the act. With experimentation, you would learn that certain positions help you to regain energy faster and help keep going even after coming.


Change position and place of making love

Sexual therapists suggest that missionary position is not best for those have the problem of premature ejaculation. If you find other positions difficult, you can start with missionary position and then change to different any other sexual position you find comfortable. Do not fear to experiment in sex.

Know your testosterone levels

Sub-optimal testosterone levels are often associated with low libido, poor sexual performance, and prolonged refractory periods. Some men with low testosterone may need even days to recover. Research shows that low testosterone is not necessarily a problem of middle age. Many younger men may have low levels due to stress or other factors.


Know your testosterone levels

So get tested for testosterone levels. I levels are low, consult a specialist. Treatment of low testosterone would depend on the severity. In most cases, testosterone can be boosted with natural methods and supplements. However, some may need testosterone replacement therapy.

Do not fear to experiment

Even if that means trying some pills and supplements to improve sexual performance. There are many supplement and pills available in the market that is safe, proven, and would transform your sexual experience.

Even giving sildenafil a try is not a bad idea to reduce the refractory period. However, drugs like Viagra, or Cialis, though helpful, do not cure the underlying problem. On the other hand, natural supplements are safer and help correct the root cause of the reduced sexual problem; they help fight stress, boost testosterone naturally, and benefit well-being.

Most men would like to retain an erection after the sexual activity. Many would like to have multiple orgasms during the day. However, very few men can do that. The reason here is not in physical limitations; many men do not do enough. They do not work hard on their physical and sexual health.

Although challenging, keep going after coming is not impossible. All you need is to make dietary changes, experiment with sex positions, experiment more with partner, use exercises or Tantric methods to control ejaculation and erection.

Finally, for men above 30s, dietary changes and exercise may not always help. If these methods alone fail to improve sexual performance, considering the herbal supplements is a right way forward.


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