How to keep a hard on after coming

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How to keep a hard on after coming? All men love sex, they love it longer, for them sex is never enough. Thus most would love to prolong their sexual act. They would like to recover faster, and ideally even keep a hard after coming. It may be difficult; some may even think it to be impossible. Nonetheless, things can always be perfected.

How to keep a hard on after coming – To keep hard after coming is not merely about better sex. For men performance in bed is directly related to self-esteem and confidence outside the bed. Men want to keep hard on after coming to satisfy the girlfriend or partner better. So if you are looking for some of the non-medical methods to do that this article is for you.

How to keep a hard on after coming – Why can some men keep erection better than others?

First and foremost, the purpose of erection is sexual penetration, ejaculation. In the animal world, the primary goal of the sexual activity is a reproduction, though for humans it is not the case. Nonetheless, we seem to have inherited some of the traits from our forefathers. It means that our body still acts in a way as if after primary ejaculation purpose of sex has been fulfilled.

Unlike other beings, for human, sex has immense psychological importance. It is about pleasure, building strong relations, it helps to cope with stress, it builds confidence, and much more. That is why it is natural for men to want more sex. However, after copulation, the body releases a hormone called prolactin which makes immediate recovery after ejaculation difficult.

Role of Prolactin

Prolactin has various physiological roles. In women, it is essential for maternal behavior, secretion of milk after childbirth. In men, the same hormone is necessary for maintaining fertility, testosterone levels. Prolactin has specific psychological effects that strengthen the bond between the genders.


Although prolactin in highly beneficial for health. Researchers now think that release of this hormone is also responsible for the refractory period after ejaculation. It means that men with lower prolactin may reload faster, they may even keep erection better after coming.

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of men would like to be ever ready for sexual activity. They would love to recover faster after the first act and would love to have a second round. However, waiting for an erection may become frustrating in many cases.

Every man has a refractory period during which he cannot be stimulated to have an erection. However, there are substantial individual differences too. As a rule, young men recover faster, some of them in minutes, while older men take hours. Fortunately, like physical performance, sexual performance can be improved, and this resting period may be shortened in most cases.

Although keeping an erection after coming is not impossible. However, we want you to be realistic. It is something that may not be possible for everyone. But improvement is possible for everybody.

Keep an eye on testosterone levels

Testosterone is the most critical hormone for spermatogenesis (sperm production), fertility, and maintaining an erection. Fall in its levels with age is one of the factors why many men see the reduced performance with age.

It is essential to understand that testosterone levels do not fall in everyone with age. Moreover, it is not something that cannot be improved. In some men due to unhealthy lifestyle and wrong dietary choices testosterone levels may fall even before the 30s. Whereas, others may be able to maintain it well into their 70s.


So to last longer, stay hard even after coming focus on testosterone. Testosterone levels are increased by regular exercise, a balanced diet. There are also many natural supplements to help. Horny goat weed is one such excellent example. Further, do not forget to have more sex on a regular basis, as it would also help maintain testosterone levels.

Strengthen pelvic floor

Some men are naturally good at sexual performance. Nonetheless, only a few men are good at keeping hard after coming. Most of us can improve our performance, shorten reloading time through practice, a lot of practice!

Pelvic floor exercises called Kegel exercises are excellent for improving sexual performance. They help to maintain an erection and strengthen capacity to control. During this exercise, you have to repeat the kind of motion, or you do while trying to stop peeing in between. You have to repeat the activity several times a day. Kegel exercise can be done almost anywhere, so the key here is persistence.

Change sex position

Missionary position may not be bad for the first time, but not ideal if you want to last longer. So start experimenting. One size does not fit all, and no single sex position is perfect for everyone. Every couple has to find the position that is best for them, a position that is comfortable and exciting.


Another good strategy is to change the position when you feel that you cannot continue any longer. When you feel like coming, just take out, and change the position. You will feel renewed again. Prolonging sexual pleasures have a positive impact not only on performance, but it also helps to build confidence, and help in keeping hard even after coming.

What else to do?

First remember tri-formula to a healthy life: exercise, diet, and supplement. Then make your anti-stress plan. For most people chronic stress is the single most significant factor in the continuous sexual decline. To manage stress practice mindfulness, join yoga classes. Another way to reduce stress and boost testosterone levels is getting enough of sleep. Studies now show that almost 70% of men are just not sleeping enough.

Once you have taken care of your general wellbeing. Improve your knowledge and arsenal, learn new sex positions, experiment, buy sex toys, never stop experimenting. Giving tantric sex may be a good option for those who want to prolong sexual pleasures.

Although it may seem impossible to maintain an erection after coming for most men, nonetheless, it is possible with persistence and practice. You can accomplish this goal through exercise, supplements, experimenting in bed, and so on.



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