How to increase girth size naturally

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How to increase girth size naturally – Size does matter, if you want to satisfy her better, increasing it is possible if you try hard enough.

It is true that lovemaking is an art. However, it does not mean that size does not matter. Deep inside both men and women know the relationship between size and pleasure. Men with larger girth are found to be more attractive by women, they have higher chances of getting a better partner, and better chances of satisfying the partner.

How to increase girth size naturally – It is true that most men would like to have more girth, though very few really do anything about it. Therefore, no surprise that the majority are stuck with whatever was given to them by nature. There are some simple natural methods that work, and you do not need to spend money on pills or some creams.

Is my girth size good enough?

To start with, you got to know your girth size. Only then you may understand if the methods to increase girth size are helping or not? Measuring size would also help you see where you stand? Do you have small girth, or it is merely your opinion? Research indicates that sometimes men start to think negatively about their girth and penile length, after some negative sexual encounter.

However, understanding the standard girth size is not that simple, as there is a limited agreement in the scientific community regarding the ideal size. Girth size depends on the genetics, racial background, nationality.

Population-based studies show that girth size of 8.5 to 10 cm is average for most men, in the flaccid state. While 12.2-13.5 is average of most men in the erected state. Generally, girth size is measured at the middle of the shaft, where it is widest when erected.


So start by measuring girth

That would provide you with a preliminary point. Moreover, increasing girth size needs persistence, and it is not going to happen quickly. Measuring girth size is pretty simple. Take a thread. Ensure that your penis is erected. Wrap string around the widest part of your shaft, it is in the middle for most men. Mark the string with pen or marker. Now using the measuring tape, you can know the circumference of your shaft- that is your girth size.

Remember to be very accurate while measuring. Because using natural methods would help by increasing your girth size by a few millimeters each month only. Do not expect that some way may give you an increase of a few centimeters in a day or two.

The penis is primarily made up of soft and spongy tissue. An erection happens due to blood flow to the penis. As it is made up of soft tissues that get inflated, its size can be increased with the help of exercises.

How to increase girth size naturally – Methods

Firstly, let’s answer the most important question; is it possible to increase the girth size permanently? Various internet resources would give different replies. With some saying that it is not possible, while other selling the methods to increase girth size considerably within a short time. We would say that truth is somewhere in between.

It means that yes increasing girth size is possible, but it would happen gradually. There is no quick-fix method. Increasing girth size needs practice, persistence. If you use the natural methods long enough, you may increase it enough to see the serious difference. In most cases, the effort would be worth that, as it would mean improved sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.


So what methods may help in increasing girth size? Well, as far as pill and supplements are concerned, they may help in improving erection quality, therefore helping man to have more sex. Thus they may help a bit in increasing girth size. However, the more researched way is by using exercises both with the help of equipment and without. By equipment here we mean extenders and pumps.

So here is our choice of exercises that are safe and help in most cases:


This the easiest of all the methods. All you got to do is hold your penis behind the head and stretch it for about 30 seconds, but do not use too much strength. Repeat the procedure several times, and changing direction each time. Thus stretch forward, downward, upwards, left, and right. Only perform this exercise on a flaccid Do not use too much strength in the beginning. Only slowly increase the power applied while stretching. Do it almost on a daily basis for few minutes. Exercise should be done for months to see the result. On average, most men see the satisfactory results after six months of exercise. The best thing about this exercise is safety and non-requirement of any specialized equipment.

Jelqing or milking

It’s an exercise that can be done alone or in combination with stretching. It is done one 50-70% erected penis. In the exercise, you create a ring with your index finger and thumb. Lubricate your penis for comfort and safety. All you got to do is move this medium tight ring from the base of penis towards the head. Repeat this milking of the penis for about 10 minutes a day.


One of the exercise commonly recommended for the treatment of premature ejaculation. In the activity, person masturbating may reach the edge, that is the moment when he is going to come, and at that point, he stops. Logic is to prolong masturbation and erection period. As during sex this erection only continues for a small Extending the erection periods help to stretch the tissues and thus increase the girth size.

Essential to know while doing these exercises is not to hurry, stop if there is a pain in penis. Have patience as results take time, usually in months. Finally, you may also consider extending in good quality extenders or pumps. In some cases, they may help to accelerate the things a bit.

These simple exercises are shown to work in various scientific experiments. Best of all, they increase not only girth size but also sexual stamina, confidence. Thus they have a positive impact on sexual relationships.



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