How to get more girth fast for men

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How to get more girth fast? 50% or more men say that they wish they had a longer and broader penis, though not all of them necessarily have a small penis size. Reason? Girth size is related to male confidence, sexual wellbeing, and psychological health. So how to get more girth fast?

Penoplasty or surgery may be one of the options, but it is reserved only for cases when size is too small for satisfactory sex. For the majority of men, it is not an option at all, as it comes with too many risks. After all, men with more or less standard size would not like to risk being left with even an inferior thing even if the risk is small.

So the solution is giving natural methods a try. Many may say that such methods just do not work. However, it is not entirely accurate. Girth size can be increased, though not necessarily as fast as many would like it to happen.

So if you are looking to increase your girth faster, start with some simple tricks to impress her. The quickest way to make the penis look bigger is to preen your pubic hair. Keeping pubic hair would also help to improve your confidence. Another quick fix is investing a bit in erotic or at least better-looking undergarments.

You may think that the tips given above are deceptive. No, not at all. They would really work in many cases. After all, the first impression is the last impression. And the first thing that your partner would see is undergarments, followed by how well your care for your manhood. Moreover, everything is fair in love and war.

Next, try some techniques that would make it bigger, and not just look more prominent.


How to get more girth fast – Would pills help me?

It is the most common question and for a reason. Taking pills is an easy and effortless option. Therefore, no surprise that many men do give them a try. Medicines and supplements would help in short-term, but not necessarily in long-term.

Pills or supplements like horny goat week may improve rush of blood to your tool. It means that your penis will look bigger most of the time, and it would get erected faster. Supplements like horny goat weed not only improve erection, but they even make the penis look bigger during the flaccid state.

Another way how the pills or supplements may help is that they help you to have more sex. More sex itself is helpful in improving the girth size faster.



Though the above techniques may quickly increase girth size a bit, many would like to achieve more. Most would like to see an increase in size that is permanent or long-term. Thus the most effective way to increase girth size is by using specific exercises. Though they are not going to work as fast as one would like, but they would produce results.

Stretching and milking/Jelqing are two type of exercises well known to increase the length and girth. Stretching as the name says, pulling your penis for a few minutes a day on a regular basis. This exercise is done when the penis is in a flaccid state, and you stretch your penis in various directions for a few seconds a day (up, down, right, left, forward).

Milking is done one semi-erected penis. During this exercise, you try to stretch the penis by using the action similar to while milking a cow. It means that you create a circle with your index finger and thumb and move the ring with medium tightness from the base towards the head of your tool.

The good thing about the above exercises is that they do not require much training or any investment. On the downside, many people find it hard to stick to them. Therefore, the next strategy is to invest a bit in gym equipment for your tool.


Among the devices for increasing penile size, pumps are most widely advertised and tested. They are proven in various clinical trials to be useful tools. When we have an erection, blood in the penis forces it to enlarge, however, due to the short duration of erection it is not helpful enough in increasing girth size.

Pumps help to increase the blood flow to the penis and thus stretching the penile tissue. Working principle is simple, they create negative pressure, and therefore they inflate a penis a bit. Pumps can help in a very short time.

There is only one word of caution. Do not buy pumps from a sex shop, or non-verified internet shops. There are many FDA-approved pumps with tested safety. If you buy a non-FDA approved pump, you may end up bursting the balloon- meaning causing damage to your tool.



Stretching and Jelqing helps, but some find it difficult to do such exercises regularly. Stretchers (a type of devices) use the same principles; they are assistive tools. Stretchers are better at increasing the penile length, but at the same time, they also increase the girth in most men. Quite like in the gym, they cause micro tears in penile tissue, which finally leads to increased penile size.

Increasing girth size fast is possible, though not an easy task. Therefore, your aims should be both short-term and long-term. For best results, you can combine multiple but different methods. Like using pills along with pumps may work well for most men.

Other methods

Another fast way is to reduce your belly size. Again it is a bit of deceptive strategy, but cutting down your belly is good both for physical and sexual health. It will make you look good. It will give the illusion of larger girth to your partner and thus improve your confidence and performance. Belly fat may be reduced by doing more exercises that involve abs and lower back.

Yet another way for increasing girth fast is silicon injection. However, we would caution you to be extremely careful with it. In many cases, the effect of such injection is temporary, while in some instances such injection may cause complications. It may cause severe erosion and scarring.



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