How to get erect again fast

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Daily more than 200 million men get an orgasm, ejaculating at the speed of 27 mph. However, this number could become much higher, if they knew how to recover faster. The question is how to get erect again fast.

Nature has been bit discriminatory towards men, as they need to rest a bit after ejaculation before they can have sex again. On the contrary, women may have multiple orgasms in a single-sex without losing energy.

Time taken by men to recover, to regain an erection, and start making love again is called “refractory period.” There are substantial individual differences between men. Some recover in minutes while others in hours. The refractory period also increases with age. In young men, the refractory period is generally 15 minutes to an hour, while in middle-aged men it is several hours to a day.

How to get erect again fast – Although we may not be able to reverse aging, nonetheless, we can control some of the bodily changes related to aging. We can strengthen our body, train it, and learn to recover fast and get going again.

Phases of male ejaculation

Knowing various stages of male orgasm may help to find ways to erect again faster. Everything starts with arousal, sexual interest, foreplay, sexual excitement. If arousal is not enough or optimal, nothing will begin at first place.

Arousal is followed by a plateau, as muscles become tense, heart beats faster, pre-ejaculatory fluid is secreted. Orgasm follows it. Ejaculation occurs due to rapid firing of penile muscles. Then comes the period of relaxation and refraction.

Within the next few minutes of orgasm, most men lose erection completely. It happens due to various neuro-hormonal changes; most men need time to recover and start going again.

How to get erect again fast – Reasons for longer recovery time

Men are not as lucky as women to have multiple orgasms in a row, they need time to recharge. Some of the commonly associated factors with longer refractory time are:

  • Age- usually young men have much shorter recovery time
  • Psychological stress- it affects the quality of sex and prolongs recovery time
  • Drug, medications, alcohol, and substance abuse- most of these factors negatively impact sexual performance.
  • Moreover, a person on medical drugs may have other health issues affecting sexual performance
  • Sex position- recovery time may be affected by it

So as not we know the mechanism of erection and factors affecting it, let’s come to our primary topic.

Steps to take to erect fast again

Manage stress and improve arousal

Reloading is a very much psychological process. You cannot expect to start shooting back in minutes if you are not in a mood to do so. Thus learn to manage psychological and performance stress. Practicing mindfulness, yoga, tai-chi may improve your stress management skills.

One of the best ways of doing it is focusing on the arousal phase. It means improving the arousal quality, having better foreplay. Foreplay does not necessarily have to happen in the bed. It starts with a romantic dinner, shower together, and so on. Couples have to find the things that excite them more. You have to keep discussing the things. Another good idea is to keep changing the way you have sex or bring variety into it. You do not necessarily need to have sex second time at the same place in your house. In fact, less you would think about reloading, better and quicker it would be.

Take care of health

It means exercise regularly. A healthy mind and healthy organ live in a healthy body. The sexual act is physically demanding. Young men have shorter recovery time as they have elastic blood vessels, better physical stamina. After a certain age, one needs to exercise regularly to keep going as a young man. Moreover, physical exercise has a positive impact on psychological well-being.

So start with cardio or aerobic exercise for half an hour and five times a week. Aerobic exercises like jogging or cycling are good for improving endurance. While resistance exercise is done twice a week may help to optimize testosterone levels and thus reducing recovery time. Further, include Kegel exercises in your routine. These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and thus improve the quality of erection. At the same time, they reduce the refractory period.


This is the next thing to improve on. Have diet low on fats, but high in proteins, vitamins, and other micronutrients. Thus have more for fish, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Nuts are also known to improve sexual health.



Getting everything from the diet may not be enough. So think about vitamins, minerals, omega, coq10, and other beneficial supplements known to improve fertility and male health. Horny goat weed may be a good option for improving erection, performance, endurance, and getting the erection back faster.

Take a break, but stay connected

Anyway most men would need at least some time to recover. So use that time break more meaningfully, romantically. Think about giving each other massage to continue the fun. Be naughty, playful, and imaginative. Take a shower together, or play some erotic game to pass the time.


Look for a change

One of the reasons why the refractory period may be long between the couples is due to lack of imagination. Doing the things in a similar way each time. Bring variety to sex. Here the word “variety” may have a different meaning for various couples. Some may be adventurous enough to introduce a third partner in a play, for others it may mean change in position, place, or trying some sex toy.

Consult a specialist

It does not necessarily mean sex therapist. If you think that your reloading time is too long for your age, let’s say 24 hours at the age of 30, then there could be some health issue also. Get a complete health check-up to exclude any physical disease.

Finally, do not try to force the things, do not hurry to regain erection. It would not work in any case. Relaxation works much better than trying too hard. Remember about the hard erection you have in the morning or while sleeping even in the absence of sexual stimulation. So follow the advice given here, make more love, train yourself.




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