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Best natural male enhancement foods

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Long sex is good sex. Below are some of the natural male enhancement foods you can enjoy every day while helping you last longer in bed.

Red wine

Red wine relaxes you and your partner, helps both of you to switch to the right mood. For men, wine is excellent in overcoming performance anxiety and prolonging performance. That is why it stands above all in our list as the best male enhancement food.

Red wine helps more than other alcoholic drinks as it is rich in many organic compounds that are lacking in other alcoholic beverages. It is rich in antioxidants and much more. However, it is important to have alcohol in moderation else it may worsen the performance for some men.

The general recommendation is of having a glass or two of red wine. With a little bit of experimentation, one can find the right volume that is good for the best sexual experience.

Nuts & seeds are also the best natural male enhancement foods

Chocolate may be a good choice for boosting serotonin, reducing anxiety, and helping improve sexual life. However, in the long run, nuts and other dry foods win due to better nutritive value.

Nuts are exceptionally good for the long-term sexual health of men. These natural male enhancement foods are rich in most macro and micronutrients; they are an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals like zinc, and many of them have L-arginine.

Nuts are also rich in omega-3s. They help relieve anxiety, provide energy for long-lasting performance in bed, and make your swimmers (sperms) more active.

Walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, could all be an excellent addition to your daily diet. These are certainly the male enhancement foods which help you last longer in bed.


Include a variety of meat in your daily diet to boost your sexual performance. Meat is good for hard erection and helps men last longer in bed. Thus have more beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and so on.

If possible, select meat of grass-fed animals over farmed animals, as meat from grass-fed animals is better in specific nutrients like omega-3s.

Meat improves sexual performance by boosting the blood flow to male sexual organs. Meat is a rich source of high-quality protein (balanced amount of amino acids), zinc, and L-arginine. Components in these male enhancing meat would help to perform longer.

Eat meat in moderation and avoid high-fat meat, as you do not want to harm your blood vessels. The elasticity of blood vessels plays a vital role in sexual performance. Vegetarians can get more amino acids and other compounds from dairy products, nuts, and dry fruits.

Oyster is one of the best natural male enhancement foods

Oyster, scallops, molluscs, lobsters, crabs, are not just about zinc, amino acids, and other nutrients. Research shows that these male enhancement seafood have an aphrodisiac effect, as they contain certain chemicals known to boost the testosterone levels.

Higher testosterone levels after these food items mean improved sexual desire, better ability to perform in bed, and lesser recovery time. It translates into not an only more extended performance in bed but also more frequent sexual activity.


This fish is also one of the natural male enhancement foods you can eat daily.

Fatty fished have received lots of attention in nutrition science recently, as people learn to appreciate the importance of high-quality fats. High-quality fats are good for health, they have omega-3s and thus improve the working of mind and heart. Omega-3s prevent the buildup of plaques in arteries.

Eating fatty fish like salmon 2-3 times a week may help improve health, it may also have a positive effect on hormonal balance, sperm motility and quality. It is entirely possible that salmon may provide specific nutrients a person may be deficient in, thus helping prolong sexual performance.


Well, we know that it does not sound romantic at all, and having garlic before date is not a good idea due to its pungent smell. However, adding a small amount of garlic to your diet may help keep your blood vessels free from plaques, help reduce cholesterol, and it is suitable for the heart. Garlic has anticoagulant properties.

Chilli peppers are best natural male enhancement foods

One more male enhancement food item that unlike chocolates or strawberries does not sound romantic. Nonetheless, they have capsaicin which is known to boost metabolism. Thus the beneficial effects of peppers can be felt even hours after having them in food.

Chilli peppers improve arousal, libido, blood flow to your vital organs, help burn extra body fat. Capsaicin has some effects very similar to sexual arousal, and that perhaps explains its impact on prolonging sexual performance in bed.

In conclusion, remember that in the most men issue of sexual performance is psychological. Thus the way out is to enjoy your relationship with a partner, think less about sexual performance in bed and pay more attention to spending quality time with a partner in a romantic atmosphere.

However, the above-mentioned are the best natural male enhancement foods that you should eat to beat average performance in men and increase sex drive in male.


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