Average Girth Size of a Man

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When it comes to the male’s sexual abilities, many females will turn their attention to men size and erection. The general belief is that the bigger – the better. And they want bigger average girth size of a man.

But before grabbing a ruler, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Yes, the length matters, but it is the girth that is more important for sexual satisfaction. According to various studies, it seems that women enjoy the thickness more. The girth size can actually enable a better stimulation and prolonged orgasm, experts say. Yet, this still represents a topic that lacks solid research and a more concrete analysis.

Average Girth Size of a Man

Size Matters

As we have mentioned in the introduction, size matters but bigger is not always better. Also, with the increased popularity of the sex industry, many men just look at the length of their penis. However, when it comes to the real sex life, there are certain facts that need to be taken into consideration. The first element is that the average vagina is close to 3 inches deep. An average sized penis is usually able to reach the cervix when erected. Also, there is an erectile tissue at the opening of the vagina. This tissue initiates high sensations and simulations combined with the girth size. According to some research studies, the average girth size is the key component for women during the intercourse.


The Actual Average Girth Size of a Man

So the ultimate question here is what is the actual average girth size of a man. Well, that can be a complex process to find out amid the fact that all men are different. Combined with that, there are the different research studies that tend to show different results. However, based on those research reports the estimation is that the average girth size of a man is 4.5- to 5- inch range. Having a girth size at this range can create high stimulation for the partner. However, it is important to emphasize that anything at 6 inches or above can create certain challenges for the female.


How to Measure

The proper way to measure the girth size is to use a tape to measure while the penis is erect. Moreover, there are two basic ways to measure the girth size. The first measuring concept is a bit complicated. This method includes taking three erect measurements at the head, the middle of the shaft and base of the penis. The second way to measure the girth is very simple. It is called a one-time measurement of the middle of your erect penis. However, both of these methods can be done with a tape measure. Also, the measuring can be done with a piece of paper by wrapping the erect penis and mark how far it goes around. Then measure it with a ruler. These two forms of measuring are accurate when done in a correct way.

Large Girth Size – What to do?

Men that have a large penis face many challenges. However, there’s much you can do to make the sexual intercourse more pleasurable for your female partner.

The first and foremost is to use lubricant. This is based on the fact that lubricant can ease the intercourse for women. Moreover, if a man has a larger girth size, the lubricant will enable a smooth and pain-free penetration. There are large numbers of lubes on the market. Some of them are made for men with large girth size.


The second notable advice is to find the proper sexual positions. Men that have large and thick penis should try out different sexual positions. That way they can see which work best. The general recommendation is to avoid positions that involve deep penetration. Moreover, men should pick positions that allow the partner to control the angle. Also, it gives the partner control over the penetration and the speed.

Another important element is to relax. Having a thick penis can cause a lot of pain for the female. When a thick penis penetrates, the vagina will stretch to fit. The girth size can play a significant role here. The thickness of the penis plays a role as it stretches the vagina based on the size of the penis.

Nevertheless, in order to achieve this stage, it is important to be relaxed along with your partner.

Increase your Girth Size

The main confusion that is present among men is the belief that they are stuck with their current girth size. But the truth is that there is no magic product that will increase the girth size.  However, there is a broad spectrum of techniques that will improve the blood flow. Also, through clamping and pumping the average men can increase the total penile blood capacity. These techniques combined together can improve the ability to increase the blood to your penis.

Combined with these strategies, it is important to look at the alternative medicine. There are numerous herbs that can actually help with the prospect of increasing the girth size. Furthermore, the food and the lifestyle choices can play a significant role. Taking a look at the alternative medicine can have a galvanizing effect on deloping a thick penis.


On a final note, we can conclude that the girth size of men can have a significant impact. By measuring, the average men can obtain the valuable information about their girth size. Knowing that fact will enable them to adapt and improve their sexual experience in the long term. And while many have said “size matters”, it seems that the thickness matters more.


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